Tampa Truck Accident Law Specialists

Being involved in a Tampa truck or tractor trailer accident can be grave due to the sheer size and weight of these trucks on the highway. Since Florida is one of the leading states in terms of drivers on the road, you’re likely to encounter dozens of large trucks on the road or more on an hourly basis. Many times, accidents involving large freight vehicles like semis and tractor trailers are devastating and can lead to severe injury, loss, or death.

Truck and trailer accidents in Florida

With so many drivers on our roads, trucking accidents are bound to happen. Goods and services are flowing in and out of the state as stores keep shelves stocked for consumers. The most common personally injured in a Tampa accident involving a large truck are people in other vehicles and non-motorists such as pedestrians and bicyclists. They account for three-quarters of truck accident injuries and an even higher amount of deaths as a result of the accident.

Who’s liable in a Tampa truck accident?

Because of both state and federal regulations, these types of accidents usually require even more due diligence than a standard motor vehicle crash. Is the company at fault based out of state or owned by an offshore corporation? Are they locally owned? Who was deemed at fault for the accident? Many questions need to be asked and situations addressed when taking on a commercial trucking accident case.

Why so many commercial trucking accidents?

Unfortunately, violating federal regulations is common in truck accidents like these. Determining if the driver took matters into their own hands, or it was a request from the company is an important factor when looking at these injury cases. By law, a driver isn’t allowed to operate the truck for more than 12 hours without rest, but it happens all too frequently. Delivery deadlines attempt to be met at all costs to not only avoid delay of shipment delivery but to also ensure the load a driver is to haul back isn’t missed either. Due to their size, large trucks take much longer to get going and much longer to stop than a regular passenger vehicle. They aren’t very nimble either. If a split second decision needs to be made when an accident is impending, losing control of the truck cannot always be avoided.

Seeking help after being involved in a tractor trailer accident

As with any accident, whether it be with a passenger vehicle or with a truck, you should always seek medical attention right away. Being involved in any accident of this magnitude may keep you out of work or in the hospital for an extended time. While you heal up from your injuries, we go to work on your case to ensure you will receive the compensation you deserve for this despairing time in your life. You may be entitled to:

  • Lost Wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Replacement or repair of your automobile

You may also be entitled to losses such as pain and suffering. Our Tampa truck accident lawyers will guide you during this process to get you fair compensation for what you’ve suffered. Our law firm has handled many large semi-truck and tractor-trailer accidents and knows exactly how to work with you on your case. We’re available anytime at 1-877-430-9299. Would you rather contact us online? Just fill out our free consultation form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.