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We’ve all had close calls before. It’s been raining and you’re hurrying into the store before you get soaked. You’re at a ballgame and catch a step the wrong way and go down. Any way you encounter a slip and fall, you’re usually left a little bruised and embarrassed. Sometimes though, a slip and fall accident can be light years different from just a clumsy spill. Anything from a mild to severe sprain, broken bones or concussions and brain injuries can occur.

Who’s liable for my slip and fall injury?

Well, this type of injury can involve a commercial property as well as a residential property. The basis of Florida premises liability law requires owners and/or occupants to notify their visitors or guests of any known hazards that could pose a risk of injury. The visitor would need to be operating with due care and be unaware of the danger to have a reasonable case argument. The two main questions at hand are:

  • Did the owner or occupant know or reasonably should have known of the danger?
  • Did the visitor exercise reasonable care and would have been unable to notice the danger unless told?

The most common example of this is a slip and fall in a grocery store. A liquid spill happened and was cleaned up, but someone forgot to put out the sign that warns the floor is wet. A customer is unaware and falls due to the wet floor. The store then becomes liable for the injury.

Slip and fall filing deadline

Like all personal injury cases, Florida allows a claim to be filed within four years of the incident. Also, like any other personal injury claims, you should never wait that long to file. Witnesses could become unavailable and evidence could be damaged or lost. If you’re injured in a slip and fall you should always seek immediate medical treatment first. Once you’re able, you can contact our law offices to schedule your free consultation and see what you may be eligible to recover in damages due to your slip and fall accident.

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